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  • 1. 打开 Steam 个人资料
  • 2. 编辑个人资料
  • 3. 找到隐私设置,保证各项设置 均保持公开,并且确保下面总 在线时间私密没有打勾
  • 4.如设置完仍有问题,请联系客服刷新

once we found spam user ( e.g get skin via illegal method),we may take back skins or ban your account.

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Certain lucky points will be granted when you buy luckycases
You can spend lucky point on items shown below.

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About Activity

1. 活动时间: 2020.11.26,截止日期: 2020.12.31。每个用户每天可获取的最大盲盒数为 5 个 , 每日 10 点刷新任务和奖励。每周一中午 12 点清空未开盲盒。
2. 每日盲盒需要每日充值 2 才能打开;填写您邀请码的用户,单笔充值大于 10 时,您也将额外获得一个每日盲盒。
3. Activity Starts from 2020.06.09 .You can get 5 blindboxes each day at most, all limits and task will be reset at 0 . By the time activity finishes,you still have 1 week to retrive reward you get,after that all the blindboxes and items will be unavailable.
4. The event need you to connect Steam with Zeroskins and set your Steam public ,your time spend on Steam should be 10 hours.
5. Every coin you spend on lucky cases will benefit you lucky piont,retrive items will cost lucky point.
6. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to "Zeroskins". If we find that player uses cheating methods to get the reward, we will recall the reward and ban the account.