Wish you enjoy the reward for pioneers
Dragon Chest To retrive items need you to connect your Steam with Zeroskins and your Steam should be public ! MORE>>
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About Activity
1. Each referral will beneft you 1 FREE Dragon Chest , invite referral now .
2. You may find out how many referrals are invited at "Referral", and those who are not qualified will also be shown at "Referral", yet they won't help with retriving items.
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About Event
1. Please make sure your account is an active game account. Do not forget to set the Steam homepage, the game details page, the inventory, and the profit public. What's more, please make sure your account have at least 100 game hours in one game. Besides, we have some other technical measures against cheating to ensure this active fair.

2. Activity time: April.20.2020 -May.15.2020. After the activity, the locked treasure box and items will be recycled by the system. Unlocked skins will be placed directly into the backpack.

3. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to "Zeroskins". If we find that player uses cheating methods to get the reward, we will recall the reward and ban the account.